StudioDK creates custom unique furniture, boat work and POP displays, “bringing art and beauty into the everyday.”

About the Owner:

The owner and creative mind behind StudioDK, Daniel Karten, has followed a path led by his heart and his desire to build and to create things that bring a sense of beauty to every day life. His need to build and to create was sparked in Junior High School, when he took architecture and shop classes. Throughout high school and college at the University of Oregon, Dan found avenues for his creativity by building sets for school theater productions.

After graduation Dan worked in the film industry as a production coordinator for television, commercials and feature films. After nearly a decade in the film industry, Dan longed for a more tangible representation of his creative talents. He then decided to focus on home construction and finish carpentry. He pursued and found opportunities in home building, boat work, cabinetry and POP displays.

And nearly 3 decades…​ you can still find Daniel in his woodshop, currently located in Warren, Rhode Island. Daniel still finds that his greatest joy comes from collaborating with clients to create a lasting piece of working art for them. He invites you to allow him bring a little more beauty into your world.

Daniel Karten